Our technology

Our innovation and advantage which recommends BREM GROUP is the use of microorganisms that we isolate from their natural habitat - contaminated soil or water. In the laboratory, we select, adapt and multiply consortium of microorganisms which we apply to the contaminated site.

BREM GROUP use biochemical tests to assess potential sites for self-remediation. These tests are performed in the laboratory after sampling and before any other activities in order to create the most effective possible remediation plan to ensure project success.

Experts and associates of the BREM GROUP isolate microorganisms from contaminated sites that have the ability to degrade the target contaminants making bioremediation applicable to almost all organic contaminants. Using the contamination of custom, non-pathogenic microorganisms helps to ensure a stable and viable microbial populations throughout the remediation process, increasing the rate of degradation of pollutants and reducing the need time and cost of the project.

Using microbial population which is characteristic of a given area we don’t insert the foreign pathogens during the process of remediation thus reducing the risk of ecological imbalance between remediation places and the environment. The process of selecting microorganisms, facilitates the development of a single nutrient supplement that will enable optimal conditions for the growth of selected microbial population. The composition of each nutrient supplement is specific to each project and consists of natural, biodegradable components.

The final phase of any project is the extensive bioremediation using a unique microbial consortium and nutrients substances. The final stage you can perform alone or left to the experts of the company BREM GROUP. Application of the method of the company BREM GROUP is simple, requires minimal infrastructure and can be used for processing almost any quantity of contaminated material in a short period of time.

Bioremediation method that we use was developed and perfected in the laboratory and practice over the last decade. Our approach is capable of perpetual evolution, as we are constantly searching for more efficient and effective way to remediate soil and water using microorganisms present in nature in combination with the latest available techniques.

Company BREM GROUP does not use and do not endorse the use of genetically modified microorganisms!

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