BREM GROUP is a company focused on development and implementation of unique methods of bioremediation to eliminate dangerous toxic substances from the environment, primarily contaminated land, water and air. In each case, our goal is to develop bioremediation solutions that will enable fast and cost-effective clean environment with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Techniques that apply is special because it allows you to rapidly increase zymogen microbial population able to quickly digest a wide range of environmentally harmful organic materials.


Company BREM GROUP is professionally and organizationally equipped to perform the complete process of bioremediation of soil or stored contaminants on the site according to your needs in situ or ex situ on own location.

BREM GROUP company takes on all the activities such as survey materials, sampling and analysis, packaging, transport vehicles with ADR certificate and storage of contaminated material in the warehouse with the necessary permissions to storage of hazardous waste that is close to the site for bioremediation.

BREM GROUP employs experts from various fields, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, geology, mechanical engineering. The entire team is engaged in a thorough, scientific analysis and understanding not only the problem but also the context in which the problem of pollution exist.

Monitoring and Analysis of bioremediation process BREM GROUP realizes in cooperation with accredited laboratories.

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